Outdoor Weddings. Too risky?

Beach Ceremony
Sand Ceremony

An outdoor wedding is especially lovely, and where better than in some sheltered spot along the miles of Scotland’s wonderful golden beaches.

Though Scottish weather being what it is, you do need to think of rigging up some shelter sufficient for the number of guests, or provide a good number of brollies.

Worth the risk

If you love the sea and are happy to take the risk, this venue is an inexpensive and adventurous alternative.

There are a number of little ceremonies that lend themselves to beach weddings. Perhaps the best known is the ‘sand ceremony’ (which can also be conducted at any other type of wedding).

You purchase, or design, a ‘sand ceremony set’ which consist of a central vessel and three pouring containers. Some of these sets are very beautiful.  One type has a central bottle in the shape of a heart in its own stand. This can be inscribed with your own personal message and is designed to become a permanent and decorative memento.

The ceremony symbolises two separate lives, and two families, coming together. The bride, groom and minister each pours different coloured sand into the vessel, to create a beautiful pattern. This ceremony could be used during the vow taking (each vow with a pouring), or it could be done after the pronouncement as the first act the married couple undertakes together. The stoppered bottle is taken home as a keepsake.

Blessing stones

Another lovely beach ceremony is the use of blessing stones, the guests writing a message for the couple on pretty pebbles which can be collected in a decorative keepsake container.

Of course, outdoor weddings are by no means restricted to beaches. Lakesides, riverbanks, gardens and woods are all strong contenders, as are boats and ruined buildings. For outdoor enthusiasts planning an intimate wedding with only a few guests, the possibilities are wide ranging and might include hilltops at dawn or dusk, or a night-time fireside wedding. All kinds of suitable rituals can be incorporated; they should be in keeping with the venue and especially meaningful to you as a couple. Do make sure also that your minister will explain the meaning and purpose to your guests.

And the greatest thing about all of this, is that in Scotland, you can have your totally LEGAL marriage ceremony in any such setting, provided you chose a registered celebrant such as an Interfaith Minister.

If you are looking for ideas and support on designing your alternative wedding ceremony, then please do get in touch.

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