A uniquely personal service

This is a personal service so that what we put into your marriage ceremony is entirely your choice.

You can be as creative as you like, the day is yours. Make any suggestions you like. I will work with you to design your unique ceremony.

a personal blessing

If you have no clear ideas, I will help you to create something unique. If you feel nervous, I will hold your hands. If you are very clear on what you want, you take the reins. It is YOUR wedding day and your ceremony.

You might want to keep things really simple and just make your promises or wedding vows to one another.

Or you might want to create a wedding ceremony that actively involves your family and friends, or children, with readings, music or rituals. All the elements we use will provide context for the ceremony when they are created  in ways that are particular and special to you.

This is what makes your tailor-made ceremony unique and highly personal to you and your family.

Love poetry in a garden
love poetry in a garden

Rituals can make a wedding ceremony very special

Simple rituals are often the most moving and powerful. Some suggestions might be the lighting of a unity candle, a rose ceremony, drinking form the Cup of Life, hand blessing, a handfast (tying or fasting of hands), a sand ceremony, a toast from the Quaich or jumping over the broom.

picture no 9_300W
pulling out all the stops

All of these can be made personal to you, some of them can be done during the making of the vows. Most rituals can create an item that can become a keepsake and can be used again and again in anniversaries, or in a later vow renewal.

You might like to build the whole ceremony around a particular theme

such as a Celtic, Romantic, a Nature based or entirely Green Ceremony. The theme, rituals and other elements such as the music might all be tied together as a package, and fitted to an appropriate venue in the Highlands. A Celtic theme could, for example, lend itself to a wedding in a castle, whilst getting married in a garden could be very appropriate to a green wedding theme.

big white wedding with gothic flavour
big white wedding with gothic flavour

Together we can be really creative,

working with the elements that mean a lot to you and that will make your ceremony special, personal and meaningful. The sky is the limit, but it need not cost the earth.