Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are the central part of every marriage ceremony. In a traditional ceremony there is a standard format of service that includes music, readings, the minister’s wedding address, prayers or poems, hymns or songs, the vows, signing of the Register and a blessing. Most wedding ceremonies follow this kind of format but it can be varied in any number of ways.

Alternative ceremonies are entirely flexible. The only legal elements are the exchange of vows and the Register. Your marriage ceremony stands at the heart of your wedding day and is central to it. Your wedding vows stand at the heart of your marriage ceremony.

It is so important that their wording truly expresses not only your love and intentions, but your values and vision for married life together.

Your tailor-made marriage ceremony is created around the wedding vows. Its purpose is really to provide a context for your promises. It can be long or short, elaborate or simple, but together we will ensure that it is a thing of beauty and meaning.

  • Wedding Vows in a Garden Bower
    Wedding Vows in a Garden Bower