An alternative wedding

Looking for an alternative wedding ceremony?

Creating a wedding that is unique can bring so much more to your special day.

With the opportunity to create your own ceremony, you can bring a deeper meaning to your marriage. The day can a greater significance to you and your guests simply by using ritual and words that are relevant to you and your family.

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An Alternative Wedding

If you or your partner do not hold with the traditional church ceremony or the registry office process, then a unique and personal wedding ceremony can be ideal for you.

What do you really want for your wedding?

There is so much possibility, particularly in Scotland, where an interfaith minister can work with you to create a ceremony that draws on traditions both ancient, modern, spiritual or simply humanist.  You can have something unique for you and your partner, something to remember for all of your married life.

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In the video above Judith Hampson explains the variety of ceremonies and services that can be created.