What It Costs

A wedding is a statement about your relationship. Your ceremony should reflect what your relationship deeply means to you, whether that is in the context of a lavish wedding, or something more modest and simple. 

If you are on a tight budget but want a personalised ceremony I can help you with simple service.

The cost of a simple ceremony is £425. This is not a bespoke ceremony, and the vows will be fairly standard, although they can be taken in a variety of formats. You are free to choose prayers or poems, and music. I will not give a personalised address but will say appropriate words throughout, with a blessing at the end.   

For a more personalised ceremony I prefer to meet with a couple and work out what is right for them before quoting a price. A unique ceremony is a piece of art, created specifically for you. We will arrive at a price that we both feel comfortable with, for the ceremony that is exactly what you want.

A unique ceremony is a creative process, a piece of

art created for you and your relationship.

Since the form and content of wedding ceremonies can vary enormously if you want to compare the fees quoted by different celebrants, be sure that you are comparing like with like., 

Interfaith Ministers £475 to £575

As an Interfaith minister, my bespoke ceremonies will cost between £475 and £575. The difference depends mainly upon content and length. A ceremony is usually around 45 minutes in length. It may include music, poems/prayers, a minister’s address – which is totally personal to you, and other carefully chosen elements.

The ceremony is carefully crafted, with the personalized vows at its heart. This section may include declarations of intent, and sometimes handfasting or hand tying.  Any rituals that we choose will be meaningful and appropriate to you (such as toasts, floral gifts, and many others). These may involve guests or family members and are woven into the script so that it all flows together as a unified piece.   

There is a suitable dismissal blessing at the end. All the options are fully explained before we decide to go ahead. 

It is the creation and delivery of a symbolic ritual that gives a wedding meaning to you and all of your guests. It creates memories that last and will anchor and enrich your married life.

As an interfaith minister, I am not bound by any rules and regulations other than the basic legalities. Interfaith ministers are trained to offer meaningful ceremonies to people of any belief system. Our fees vary according to what we offer but are likely to range in the main between £450 and £650. The fee may include travel and accommodation costs in a package, but you need to ask about that.

 How Does it Compare?

There are many types of wedding celebrant, and the ceremonies they offer vary widely. Interfaith Ministers are perhaps the most flexible, since they can offer any type of ceremony, to reflect your beliefs and personal values, as well as your budget.  The ceremony might be religious, non-religioius, or spiritual without being religious

Registrars offer short ceremonies and their fees are quite variable, depending upon the location of the wedding, Humanists offer ceremonies that are non-religious and not of a spiritual nature, while religious organizations, such as churches, offer ceremonies that reflect the tenets of their faith. The fees of all these celebrants are also quite variable.