Terms and conditions

At our first meeting, when we agree to go ahead, I will ask for a deposit of £100 to secure your date. This is non refundable. Occasionally, for all sorts of reasons, a wedding does not go ahead. In this instance, and provided work on your script has not commenced, I will refund £75 of your deposit.

Work on your script may be done at any time between our meeting and the wedding date, but a draft for your approval amendment will be sent to you usually no later than four weeks prior to your wedding date. In order to honour this commitment, I must have answers to my initial questions fairly promptly so that I can set up your file.

In addition,  so as not loose my writing slot once it is allocated,  your end of the bargain is to be available to answer all my questions and to send back any proposed changes very promptly, once I have told you I am commencing work on the script. Once a script is drafted, it must be paid for, even in the unusual event of  unforeseen circumstances resulting in cancellation of the wedding, in which case the charge for work on the script will be £250.