Celebrant fees

My fees as a Scottish wedding celebrant are as personal as my service. I recognise that couples have different needs and different budgets. I have chosen not to offer a selection of packages at different prices as I would rather meet with a couple and work out what kind of personalised ceremony is really right for them before quoting a price.

My aim is to create the service and content that you need at a price that is comfortable for both of us.

Tailored celebrant pricing

celebrant feesBroadly speaking, the cost will depend upon the amount of work involved, both in preparation and delivery, and if there are other time elements such as a site visit or rehearsal, or even an overnight stay.

In each individual case, I try to quote a fee that is commensurate with fees charged by other interfaith ministers (and also other kinds of celebrant who might offer a similar service).

Roughly speaking, Fees for 2018 will range from £510 for the very simplest and basic ceremony to £625+ for something quite complex and elaborate. The majority of ceremonies cost something midway between these two prices. Fees for 2019  will be slightly higher.

I am willing to travel, and will always endeavour to do this in a way that is affordable to you. I do not usually propose to add extra time and accommodation costs.

Simple ceremony

I can also offer a very simple ceremony for couples who want only to say “I do”, but in a context of a simple ceremony rather than just the legalities. This is not a bespoke ceremony though you may insert into it a prayer, a poem and a piece of music. The cost is £475.

Please be sure to read my terms and conditions.